Book One in the Addictions Series

Addicted to Love - a completed novel by Nicola Niemc

Drink, drugs, sex... Robert Taylor doesn't do things by halves - when he wants something, he doesn't hesitate to seize it. With such an addictive personality, it's hardly surprising that when lust turns to love, he can't say no. What is surprising is the young woman he falls in love with.

Nervous and prickly, Lexi Seymour has ruthlessly cut herself off from all relationships, suffocated by secrets she cannot bring herself to face. Beautiful yet spilling over with neuroses, she mistrusts nearly everyone who tries to get close to her, and seems hell-bent on destroying Robert’s clumsy efforts to win her trust.


In order to reach this fragile woman, Robert realises he needs to grow up. Mid-forties, has he left it too late? And can Lexi learn to start trusting again, or will she end up breaking both their hearts?



There is now a companion piece to Addicted to Love - Across the Universe. Twenty-year-old Robert Taylor meets a mysterious young woman who claims to know him...


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